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SWテスト 応答問題練習14
Where and when do you usually shop for clothes?
I usually shop at the shopping mall in Shinjuku called Lumine. I really love there because there are more than a hundred shops in and all the shops have the state-of-art items. Another great thing of the mall is that the building is directly connected to the train station, so I often go shopping on my way home after work.

How do you decide where you will shop for clothes?
I have some of my favorite shops. I usually look around the shops items. Sometimes I check my favorite items on the fashion magazines or the web before going to shop.

How important is the way you dress at work and why?
The way I dress at work is a quite important because I always would like to give a good impression to both my customers and co-workers. Also, wearing my favorite items makes me happy and confident even when I am busy at work.
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SWテスト 応答問題練習13
What is your favorite way to spend a vacation?
My favorite way to spend a vacation is traveling. I really love being exposed to different cultures including people, food and history. I usually have trips several times a year. 

What did you do on your last vacation?
I went to Cambodia with my mother. It was the greatest trip ever. The best thing on the trip is visiting historical temples including Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm. I hope to visit there again someday. 

What do you think is a good way for a family to spend a vacation and why?
I think going to a park and playing some sports together is one of the best ways to spend a vacation for family. Because playing sports outside is good not only for making a tight-knit family but also for the health of the family.
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SWテスト 応答問題練習12
How frequently do you go to fast food restaurants?
I eat fast food less than once a month because I prefer to eat at a decent restaurant when I eat out. I use to go to fast food restaurants quite often when I was in high school because I didn't have much money and I wasn't so health-conscious as I am now.

What is the most common kind of junk food in your country?
I don't know if it is the most common, but I think "Takoyaki" is one of the most popular junk food in Japan. "Takoyaki" is a kind of grilled dumplings with chopped octopus inside. It originally came from the western region of Japan, but now it is very common around the country.

Which do you prefer, home cooking or restaurant food? Why?
I think I prefer home cooking because it is cost-efficient compare to eating out at a restaurant. I can cook with the cost being one third of restaurant dishes. Besides, I prefer to control the ingredients and the amount to prepare as I am a health-conscious person.
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SWテスト 応答問題練習11
Do you prefer to shop with a credit card or cash?
I definitely prefer to shop with a credit card because there are a lot of benefits. If I carry a credit card, I don't have to carry around a large amount of cash and I don't have to worry about how much money I have left in my wallet. Even in other countries, I can use the same card without worrying about the currency. Also, I can accumulate points by using a card. I usually receive points worth 5,000 yen in total in a year.
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SWテスト 応答問題練習10
Are you Healthy?
At least I try to follow a healthy lifestyle. I eat just about anything and I don't drink alcohol that much. Besides, I live at home with my parents and eat well-balanced handmade dishes every day.

Why do you think business people should have a healthy lifestyle?
I think business people should lead a healthy lifestyle because their health would influence their work efficiency. Generally business people tend to be stressed out since they work until late under pressure every day, and the stress would cause a lot of health-related problems. I think they should consider their lifestyle constantly and try not to work too hard.
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SWテスト 応答問題練習9
How often do you travel?
I go on a trip about twice a year. Actually, I want to travel more often. However, I'm saving money for the future, so I should cut back on expenses for luxuries. Instead of actual travels, I often enjoy watching travel shows on TV.

Do you prefer to travel by rail or air? Why?
It depends on the destination. If it's domestic, I prefer to use bullet trains because using them involves less waiting time than taking a plane. They are much more expensive than regular trains, but I prefer to reach my destination as quickly as possible.
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SWテスト 応答問題練習8
Which sports do you enjoy participating in or viewing?
I don't do sports that much, but I like watching them on TV. Figure skating is one of my most favorite sports.

Which sports star do you admire?
I admire Mao Asada. She is a famous figure skater. She is still young, but she's won 10 gold medals at world championships and other competitons.

Which would you prefer to be, a sportsperson or fan? Why?
I'd prefer to be a fan because I think athletes should always lead their lives under pressure and it seems to be very hard for me. I'd rather enjoy sports just for fun than as a professional.
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SWテスト 応答問題練習7
How often do you do overtime each month?
Except for the end of the month, I don't work overtime that much. If I do any, it's for less than 1 hour a day. Only in the last week of the month, do I usually do a couple of hours extra.

How about your colleagues?
People in my department seldom work overtime, but people in the sales department always work until late hours (or work late)I feel sorry for them.

Tell us how you feel about doing overtime.
don't have anything against working overtime if the company pays for it, but many people in Japan work overtime without pay. I think the government should do something about it. For example, they could make/pass a law requiring companies to pay for overtime and crack down on those companies which fail to comply.

・「あまり〜ない」はnot 〜 that muchで表す!
×not 〜 so muchは不自然!

・「遅くまで働く」はwork until late hours もしくはwork late!

・「取り締まる」はcrack down on

・「法令を守らない」はfail to comply with the law


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SWテスト 応答問題練習6
 Do you eat breakfast every day?
Yes, I eat breakfast almost every day. Even when I'm not very hungry, I try to eat something such as a banana before going to work.

What is the traditional breakfast in your country?
In my country, a combination of rice, soy-bean soup and grilled fish is the traditional breakfast and I do often have them. However, this traditional kind of breakfast might be quite rare since our diet has been westernized these days.

How has breakfast changed since you were a child?
When I was a child, I think most Japanese people had traditional breakfasts. These days, our diet has been westernized. Young people, especially, tend to like having bread rather than rice for breakfast. In addition, there are a lot of convenience stores everywhere in Japan and we can easily get ready-made meals or instant foods at them, so more and more people no longer cook breakfast. Also, I've heard that many young people skip breakfast these days.

×Especially, young people 〜 → ○Young people, especially, 〜

・everywhere とanywhereの違い
"There" is usually used for a single location; here you are using it to mean "at a lot of convenience stores". 
"Everywhere" means "in all places" (or sometimes "in many places"); "anywhere" means in one place which has not been specified. 

"Have a seat anywhere." (Sit wherever you want to. "Have a seat everywhere" is wrong because one can only sit in one place at a time.) 

There were children everywhere in the yard. (There were many children in the yard. Almost any place you looked, you would see a child)

・「〜と聞いたことがある」のhearとhave heardは同じ意味で使える!
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SWテスト 応答問題練習5
Do you have any tea or coffee shops in your area?
I don't really have any of tea or coffee shops around my house as it is a residential area. I usually go to a cafe near my workplace.

Should tea and coffee shops offer more than just refreshments?
I think coffee shops should definitely have other food because most people like having something like a sandwich or cake with their tea or coffee. Personally, I like having cheesecakes or doughnuts at Starbucks.

Describe your favorite tea or coffee shop. 
My favorite coffee shop is "Tully's Coffee." It is a very popular coffee shop chain in Tokyo. They have a variety of items other than cakes, like many flavors of ice creamIn particular, I like their Avocado Hot Dogs. Also, the chic and relaxed atmosphere of the shop is really nice.

・×Most of people → ○Most people
・×in Starbacks → ○at Starbacks
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